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We know music. We live for music. After you have selected your inspiration song and told us a bit more about you and the dream song, we know what to do.

Professional services at your fingertips

Our Rookie service is produced and played by professional musicians and music producers but only uses synthesised sounds rather than live instruments. This makes it quicker for us to produce, and therefore cheaper for you to buy.

Client Success

Take a look at this example where our client just uploaded a piece of piano he played and recorded on his phone. You can then hear how it was replayed by a professional on a Rhodes Keyboard, then you can hear the finished Rookie Production Service, which was delivered within 48hrs, which uses synthesised sounds, for just €75.

Our client went on to order the Booster Service for an additional €75,where our musicians Created The Song on another level, with Live Musicians and Live Video Recordings of the musicians in action…

Initial upload from client
  • Initial upload from client
Rookie Service
  • Rookie Service
Booster Service With Videos
  • Booster Service With Videos
Initial client upload - Re-recorded version
  • Initial client upload - Re-recorded version
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Creating Your Own Song Has Never Been Easier

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