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Select a package that suits your needs. We have 3 packages. The Rookie €75, The Booster €150 and The Pro €300. Select a package that suits your needs. We have 3 packages. The Rookie €75, The Booster €150 and The Pro €300. 

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It starts with your musical ideas. Whichever stage of the musical journey you are on, We will help by creating professional songs.

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Upload your Musical Ideas, Lyrics or Recordings, and we will Create Your Song. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident.

What Our Clients Say

"I recently used CYS and it is really Amazing."
“Now that I found CYS, together we are producing music at a much faster rate.”
"I wanted a lullaby for my son...We are very happy with the result!"


“I have been playing Piano since I was very young, and I started producing my own music, but now I found CYS, together we are producing music at a much faster rate, and at a much higher quality... I now have my own Spotify Channel, people are listening to my music across the world, my music is so much better.”


"I recently used CYS and it is really amazing. I am so excited and happy that my musical ideas are coming to life. I uploaded a piece of me playing the piano that I recorded on my phone, then see what they did with their Rookie service for just €75. I loved my song so much I paid for the Booster and Pro versions……so amazing….I still can’t believe it!!!”
Gavin ordered a Rookie, then a Booster and also a Pro Song. Listen to how his music develops below

  • Acoustic

    Gavin’s Booster song – €150

    We took Rookie version, then added REAL DRUMS; Hi Hat, Snare, Hi Tom 1, Hi Tom 2, Low Tom, Overheads and of course the Kick!

  • Acoustic

    Gavin’s Pro Song – €300

    We added a 3 real male background SINGERS to the Booster version, and professionally MIXED IT and MASTERED the song.

  • Acoustic

    Gavin’s Initial Upload

    Gavin wanted to develop his Piano melody. He set himself up a home studio, but even after 6 months had made no progress…he found CYS & his problems were over.

  • Acoustic

    Gavin’s Rookie song – €75

    We created an intro, used Gavin’s melody for the verse & also composed a chorus. We used 5 digitally played instruments; DRUMS, RHODES, STEINWAY GRAND PIANO, FINGER STYLE BASS & a STRING ENSEMBLE. All for just €75!


"I wanted a lullaby, specially written for my son, and contacted CYS to do this. For just €75 they created this beautiful song which rocks my son to sleep every night. We are very happy with the result!"

Make Music Together With Your Ideas And Our Experience

Singers & Vocalists

If you can’t sing it right, no fear, our professionals will sing it for you

Session Musicians

We have the perfect musicians to help make your music come to life


Let our songwriters take your inspiration to the next level

Synthesized Instruments

We bring together your favourite components to forge a unique sound

Beat Makers & Producers

Our team are professional producers know how to Create Your Song, with your style

Mixing & Mastering

We will finish your song with professional mixing & mastering

Creating Your Own Song Has Never Been Easier - from just €75!

Take your most basic musical ideas, send us your requirements and we’ll do the rest.
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