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“I have been playing Piano since I was very young, and I started producing my own music, but now I found CYS, together we are producing music at a much faster rate, and at a much higher quality... I now have my own Spotify Channel, people are listening to my music across the world, my music is so much better.”


"I recently used CYS and it is really amazing. I am so excited and happy that my musical ideas are coming to life. I uploaded a piece of me playing the piano that I recorded on my phone, then see what they did with their Rookie service for just €75. I loved my song so much I paid for the Booster and Pro versions……so amazing….I still can’t believe it!!!”
Gavin ordered a Rookie, then a Booster and also a Pro Song. Listen to how his music develops below


"I wanted a lullaby, specially written for my son, and contacted CYS to do this. For just €75 they created this beautiful song which rocks my son to sleep every night. We are very happy with the result!"


"I had a crazy idea to rewrite the famous track "The Final Countdown" by the Swedish rock band Europe! The team at Create Your Song made me a professionally recorded song with top class vocals and arrangements, they also help with all the legal clearance legal rights on the song too. Amazing!! I love it"

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    Pro Songs include 2 Professionally Played & Recorded Instruments or Voices, with mixing and mastering, and radio ready productions.

    Add our Publishing and Promotion package to your Pro Song and get your song streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and more global platforms.

  • ↓ 20%


    Boosters take your musical ideas or Rookie songs to the next level, by adding Live Professionally Played and Recorded instruments and producing a fuller longer mixed song.

    A Booster Song includes 1 Professionally Played & Recorded Instrument or Voice.

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    Purely synthesized digitally composed and produced songs, with no live instruments, no vocals and no lyrics.
    We can professionally replay or use your musical uploads or ideas and our producers will compose and create a digital song for you.

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