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Whether it is a simple recording of you singing or playing an instrument onto your phone, or a song you have already created but not yet professionally produced. At Create Your Song we are here to help you at whichever stage of the Musical Journey you’re on. 

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Listen to Dimitri’s song transformation

Rookie package with the Full Orchestration. He recorded his great voice on a phone, we cleaned and tuned it and then added 9 instruments; 2 double basses, 2 cellos, 2 violas and 3 violins. Listen to this great result! 

Markus before & after song progression

He recorded his ukelele and voice on a phone, and we added full orchestration. So now this track consists of: His voice, ukelele, double basses, cellos, violas, violins and a bit of percussion. This is all possible with our Rookie package with add ons.

Claud ‘in between’ patients!!

“Let us break bread together” is a traditional christian hymn published in 1925. Claud sent us this raw version of his voice, we first mixed and tuned his vocals, then added full orchestration with mix and mastering service.


“I have been playing Piano since I was very young, and I started producing my own music, but now I found Create Your Song. Together we are producing music at a much faster rate, and at a much higher quality. I now have my own Spotify Channel, people are listening to my music across the world. It’s really amazing, my music is so much better.” Bas chose the best package we have. The PRO includes 2 live recorded instruments. He uploaded a melody he recorded on his phone, gave us very clear instructions and even added an extra live recorded instrument. Listen to the result! And yes, this song can be listened to on Spotify and all other music platforms in the whole world!!!

Initial upload
Pro Song


“I recently used Create Your Song and it is really amazing. I am so excited and happy that my musical ideas are coming to life. I uploaded a piece of me playing the piano that I recorded on my phone, then see what they did with their Rookie package. I loved my song so much I paid for the Booster and Pro versions……so amazing….I still can’t believe it!!!”

Laurence is a real rising talent, he started playing piano not that long ago but already uploaded his first own composition and wanted us to finish it. He ordered a Booster as he wanted real drums on his track, and went ahead with the Pro Package cause he also wanted real vocals on the background. Listen to how his music develops below…

Initial upload
Booster Song
Pro Song


“I wanted a lullaby, specially written for my son, and contacted Create Your Song to do this. I managed to play the melody on an old melodica I still had. Filled in “marimba and accordion” as main instruments, but also wanted to hear birds in the beginning and end of the song. For just €75 they created this beautiful song which rocks my son to sleep every night. We’re so happy with the result!”

Lorena doesn’t really play an instrument, but her upload was actually good enough for us to understand what she wanted, which was a lullabye. She also mentioned she wanted the song to start ánd end with the sounds of birds. For the main instruments she chose marimba and also accordion. Now her little boy falls asleep with his own song every night!

Initial upload
Rookie Song


“During Covid I had this crazy idea to rewrite the famous track “The Final Countdown” by the Swedish rock band Europe. The team at Create Your Song made me a professionally recorded song with top class vocals and arrangement, and my big desire, an EDM part in the middle of the track…Amazing!! I love it” Barend had a very special request; to re-write one of the most famous pop-songs ever. He wanted an uptempo EDM-part in the middle of the song…. We nailed it with our PRO package, and created a fantastic danceable version of  “The Final Countdown”, now named “The Final Lockdown”….Listen to the result!

Pro Song


“I am an artist, mainly working with oils and canvas, and I wanted to bring a musical feeling I had together with a famous painting. I found Create Your Song online and was surprised, but they have really gone way beyond my expectations. It’s great to have a musical team to support my paintings and ideas. Leonard wanted music for one of his beste paintings ever. He had no musical idea or reference at all. So he perfectly described this painting, send us a picture, and explained what it meant to him. He first ordered a Rookie, but wanted better quality so moved on with a Pro. This song  was actually played during one his exhibitions in Berlin

Rookie Song
Pro Song

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